Where to Meet in Washington DC

Meeting Place DC

Washington DC is a wonderful array of sites, sounds, history and beautiful people. Rich with liberty, hope, prosperity, and sometimes poverty, many people from all around the world visit DC and call it home forever. Since there is so much that is wonderful in DC, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Are you going to go and look at the National Monument or touch Abraham lincoln’s feet? Possibilities are endless and honestly, it can become a little daunting. So in the spirit of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we found it decided that it was our duty to elevate the light-hearted side of DC by promoting fun with friends and meetups. There are many different types of people in DC which is why so many people love it. Everyone is accepted in this melting pot from the Commander and Cheif (PODUS) of the most powerful country in the world.

I moved to DC after college. I wanted to pursue my career that I started at university when I studied political science. The idea of change seemed exciting and I wanted to do my part as a US citizen and “try to take over the world.” The problem was that I wasn’t living in a Pinky and The Brain episode and I needed friends. Working so much and showing up to DC without a single friend meant that I had to get my feet moving. It wasn’t easy right off the bat. I wasn’t a Georgetown Grad like so many. My family wasn’t “in the fold.” I had some work to do. I struggled through about 2 years in DC and gradually met friends and found the places that tickled my pickle.

I grew to love Washington. There is nowhere in the world that I would rather be. I want everyone to have the same amazing experience and experience the love and loyalty, parties and history that the city has to offer. My goal is to bring that to you here on this site. I don’t want it to take you two years to learn the beauty of DC like it took me. When you are working all day and don’t know anyone, it can be tough. There were a few months where I for the Handyman Ft Lauderdale in Florida which was not my cup of tea. Final, destination, not NYC, not FL but Washington DC even though it took a little bit.

Restaurant reviews, club specials, events and more. You can find friends and schedule meetups here. We’re your forum if you are new in the city.