DC in the News

Does it always feel like Washington, DC is in the news? Turn on the television. Turn on the radio. Go onto the Internet. There seems to be a constant feed or news stories emanating from DC. This isn’t because of some event like a sports game or parade. It’s not because of some historical anniversary that is right around the corner. Instead, the news is about a person. That person is the president, Donald Trump.

For the next 7 years (just kidding, maybe), the news will revolve around Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, he will be there, sending Twitter’s stock all the way up. Trump elicits powerful emotions from both sides of the aisle. You can say he’s very polarizing. Either people love him or people despise him. Because he creates these powerful feeling in people, is it a surprise that he will always be on the news?

Even though DC seems to always be in the news these days, I believe that it was more so in the news during the presidential primaries.  This month’s news cycle is heavy on tax reform and the future our economy. Trump wants the bill on his desk by Christmas. It might happen. However, whether or not it gets passed, DC will remain in the news.

Health reform, tax legislation, and other congressional activities will get less screen time than Donald Trump. After all, he is the one who creates strong emotions in both parties, be it either positive or negative. One thing is for sure, the next election cycle will probably focus more on DC than ever before in news history. As a matter of fact, I’m sure the next presidential cycle will be followed around the world since much of the world looks to the United States for various reasons.

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