Snow in DC

I went to sleep last night wondering if I would wake up to snow. Before I went to bed, I looked out of the window of my Virginia home. Sure, I’m not exactly in DC. But I’m not far. Therefore, if it snows where I am it’s probably snowing in DC as well.

Virginia drivers aren’t the best when it comes to snow on the roads. I’ve seen too many accident in the winter. I hoped that, if snow did come, the road would be plowed in the morning. But what about my street? In anticipation for snow, even if an inch or two, I put down ice melting salt. I did this on the street by my car. I also put some down on my sidewalk and near the entrance to my home. I had extra snow salt from last year.

Last year was very mild. It only snow a few times and I remember only one time where it was anything that could be considered significant. Statistically speaking, perhaps we are due for some large snowstorms this year. After all, this has been a stormy year in general especially when it comes to the hurricanes we’ve had.

So what did I see when I woke up? Nothing! There was not a trace of snow outside. There wasn’t even frost on my windshield, even though it’s cold outside. As I drove to work, I saw a single plow truck. They must have given up and maybe they were going home.

As the morning went on, something did happen. Snow! But it wasn’t much. It was like the snow version of drizzling rain. This snow did not stick on the pavement. There was a little bit on the grass though. I look forward to a big snow year. This is because I can’t wait to go snowboarding.

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