More Snow in DC

Since the last time I posted here, a few things have changed. And it all has to do with the weather. The snow melted, the weather became a bit warmer, and we rung in a new year. However, the new year brought much of the same that we had last year. As a matter of fact, many would argue that this winter is worse than that of last year. Let’s talk about the reasons.

First of all. Schools have been closed for two days in a row. And the year just started! Baltimore seems to have been hit the worst. There’s something to consider: we do not have much more snow than last year. However, it seems worse this year. Why? The cold is incredibly frigid.

Part of the reason so many schools are closed is that buses don’t work. In Fairfax County-in the suburbs of DC-many of the school buses simply aren’t turning on. You can’t have a school without the students! And if it’s so cold that many buses don’t work, it’s simply too cold to have children standing outside waiting for the bus. Many of them would probably get sick. And this brings me to my next reason why this year is worse than last year.

Many people are sick. This is one of the worse colds and flu seasons we’ve had in a long time. I know this well because I’m sick now! The cold doesn’t really bother me because I’m from an area where it tends to get very cold in the winter. But I don’t like being sick. No one does! So all people in the DC area should be extra careful to minimize the chances of getting sick this year.

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