Washington DC Weather

Moving to Washington DC? Or you are just planning to stop by to visit. Before proceeding to your trip, be aware that this state offers a plenty to do in all weather. It’s still best to be prepared for the weather and be updated with the forecast.


The temperatures are almost same on springtime during the autumn season. With low temperatures ranging from 40 to 60 degrees, night time is a bit warmer compared to spring. Compared in any other time of year, the rain shy away during autumn. Indulge yourself to shorter lines to visit the sights as this is the best time to visit since the summer crowds leave. This is the ideal time of year to spent outdoors taking a walking tour of the city so don’t forget to bring walking shoes with you.


Compared to other parts of the country, I bet you thought that DC winters are gentle while that is kinda true, make yourself prepared for extremely cold temperatures: snow and ice storms. During months of January and February, the usual winter snowfall is 17 inches. For the moment snow turns into rain, be sure to have with you some warm winter gear, boots, and possible waterproof coat.



With temperatures averaging 75 degrees Fahrenheit, springtime is exciting while in DC. The famous cherry trees are what big number of visitors come to check and experience together with private and public gardens bloom in a plentitude of pastels. It ranges from the high 30’s to the mid 50’s for the low temperatures during March, April, and May so protect yourself and bring with you a jacket you’ll surely need at night time. Pack some shorts and t-shirts, and some warming clothes to complete your outfit as it can be alluring to embrace spring fever ahead of everybody.


For summertime, the high temperatures are usually in the 80’s. All year round, the humidity level remains at about 60%. During this season, it’s best to spend more time indoors to visit the museums. Don’t expect to cool down at night time as the temperature is only to about 65 to 70 degrees. Prepare yourself for possible high temperatures as the high temperature recorded was set at 106 degrees during the month of July. You’ll need to pack whatever keeps you the coolest.