More Snow in DC

Since the last time I posted here, a few things have changed. And it all has to do with the weather. The snow melted, the weather became a bit warmer, and we rung in a new year. However, the new year brought much of the same that we had last year. As a matter of fact, many would argue that this winter is worse than that of last year. Let’s talk about the reasons.

First of all. Schools have been closed for two days in a row. And the year just started! Baltimore seems to have been hit the worst. There’s something to consider: we do not have much more snow than last year. However, it seems worse this year. Why? The cold is incredibly frigid.

Part of the reason so many schools are closed is that buses don’t work. In Fairfax County-in the suburbs of DC-many of the school buses simply aren’t turning on. You can’t have a school without the students! And if it’s so cold that many buses don’t work, it’s simply too cold to have children standing outside waiting for the bus. Many of them would probably get sick. And this brings me to my next reason why this year is worse than last year.

Many people are sick. This is one of the worse colds and flu seasons we’ve had in a long time. I know this well because I’m sick now! The cold doesn’t really bother me because I’m from an area where it tends to get very cold in the winter. But I don’t like being sick. No one does! So all people in the DC area should be extra careful to minimize the chances of getting sick this year.

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Snow in DC

I went to sleep last night wondering if I would wake up to snow. Before I went to bed, I looked out of the window of my Virginia home. Sure, I’m not exactly in DC. But I’m not far. Therefore, if it snows where I am it’s probably snowing in DC as well.

Virginia drivers aren’t the best when it comes to snow on the roads. I’ve seen too many accident in the winter. I hoped that, if snow did come, the road would be plowed in the morning. But what about my street? In anticipation for snow, even if an inch or two, I put down ice melting salt. I did this on the street by my car. I also put some down on my sidewalk and near the entrance to my home. I had extra snow salt from last year.

Last year was very mild. It only snow a few times and I remember only one time where it was anything that could be considered significant. Statistically speaking, perhaps we are due for some large snowstorms this year. After all, this has been a stormy year in general especially when it comes to the hurricanes we’ve had.

So what did I see when I woke up? Nothing! There was not a trace of snow outside. There wasn’t even frost on my windshield, even though it’s cold outside. As I drove to work, I saw a single plow truck. They must have given up and maybe they were going home.

As the morning went on, something did happen. Snow! But it wasn’t much. It was like the snow version of drizzling rain. This snow did not stick on the pavement. There was a little bit on the grass though. I look forward to a big snow year. This is because I can’t wait to go snowboarding.

DC in the News

Does it always feel like Washington, DC is in the news? Turn on the television. Turn on the radio. Go onto the Internet. There seems to be a constant feed or news stories emanating from DC. This isn’t because of some event like a sports game or parade. It’s not because of some historical anniversary that is right around the corner. Instead, the news is about a person. That person is the president, Donald Trump.

For the next 7 years (just kidding, maybe), the news will revolve around Donald Trump. Love him or hate him, he will be there, sending Twitter’s stock all the way up. Trump elicits powerful emotions from both sides of the aisle. You can say he’s very polarizing. Either people love him or people despise him. Because he creates these powerful feeling in people, is it a surprise that he will always be on the news?

Even though DC seems to always be in the news these days, I believe that it was more so in the news during the presidential primaries. ┬áThis month’s news cycle is heavy on tax reform and the future our economy. Trump wants the bill on his desk by Christmas. It might happen. However, whether or not it gets passed, DC will remain in the news.

Health reform, tax legislation, and other congressional activities will get less screen time than Donald Trump. After all, he is the one who creates strong emotions in both parties, be it either positive or negative. One thing is for sure, the next election cycle will probably focus more on DC than ever before in news history. As a matter of fact, I’m sure the next presidential cycle will be followed around the world since much of the world looks to the United States for various reasons.

Get to Know DC

Most people haven’t done everything there is to do in the nation’s capital. That’s not because of a lack of interest. Instead, there are just too many options. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. People would rather have too many choices than not enough choices when it comes to activities.

Washington, DC is full of options. Visitors can go to nearly 20 museums. Most of which are directly next to each other. The best part? Admission is free! You’ll probably see a few National [insert name here] Museums. The name even sounds impressive. When entering, you will realize there is a reason it’s a “national” museum of whatever topic it is.

And then there are the beautiful monuments. The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial are all must-see. Speaking of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, be sure to be there in late March when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Tourists are sure to see special sights on that day. Photographers and even painters take in the landscape.

To get around, a visitor may rent one of many thousands of bikes available in kiosks around the city. If the distance is a bit longer, a tourist may go underground and use the metro train system. There are many other options available, to include taxis, Uber, and buses. A visitor can even rent a Segway for a day.

DC is one of the most eclectic cities in the country. And this is especially true when it comes to food. You can find your standard American, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican restaurants. However, in DC, you can also find Ethiopian, Himalayan, and Laotian foods, among other interesting options.

Anyone living in the United States should visit the capital at least once. Be sure to plan ahead, as it’s easy to get lost in such a sprawling city. Be sure to check back next week when we look at DC a little closer!