Party On Capital Hill

Meetups and Events

Restaurant Life:

Washington has more to offer than overcooked steaks made for politicians. The town has some amazing trendy spots. A foodie could go on exploring forever. There are hip local spots that are great to meet people at from Posh Dupont Circle to the Navy yard. Nightlife clubs and bars have come a long way in the last 10 years as well. These restaurants span from local tapestry eateries to silver spoon, chilled salad fork luxury. Eat your heart out and meet great people while you are here. You can’t afford not to.

Restaurant Washington DC

Club life:

If you are looking to let loose, DC has that also. Throw on those dancing shoes because there is a lot to offer. If you check out 10best  you can check out all of the clubs and what they have to offer.

There are VIP areas, premier gay clubs, amazing shows. There is live music at U Street Music Hall or for a fun time Sober you can hit Jam Cellar which serves water and teaches hip hop routines and Swing. It’s all gravy if you just get out there.

Gay Nightlife Washington DC

Events and Concerts:

There are constantly things happening in DC. It seems like there is a different promotion or political play going on every day in Washington…. Oh wait…. There is! That’s great for the people that live in DC because you can get into all of the haughty taughty celebrity events if you have your ear to the pulse of the community. We can help with that. Check out Washington DC Eventful”for concerts and we will do our best here to get you the inside line on different charity dinners and more.

Washginton DC concerts